Piecewise End User License Agreement

I could put a whole blob of big words here that will frighten you and make everyone sad and angry, but I’m not going to. Instead, I’ll just lay out your rights and my rights to Piecewise in plain language so we’re on the same page. By using Piecewise, you agree that:
  1. Piecewise is licensed, not sold. By purchasing or activating a license to use Piecewise, you are granted the right to use Piecewise on one computer at a time. Licenses are tied to the person, not to the computer, so feel free to use Piecewise on as many computers as you want, as long as you only have Piecewise open on one computer at a time. I reserve all other rights in connection with Piecewise.
  2. You will not sell bots you create with Piecewise. You can use them as a part of your business, but you agree to not sell bots directly. If you want to sell the bots you create using Piecewise, please contact me at contact at this domain first. I am a very reasonable person.
  3. You will not redistribute any part of any bots you export using the Export function within Piecewise (unless another license permits you to). Give the person you want to share your bot with the .pwp file instead and let them export it themselves.
  4. I provide Piecewise “as is”; you won't sue me if something bad (i.e. damaging) happens while you use it. If somehow we have a legal disagreement anyway, we agree to resolve it in the State of New Jersey, USA under the laws of the State of New Jersey, and you won't request any damages from me that equate to more than $14.99, or whatever you paid for Piecewise.
  5. Even if either one (or both) of us decides to terminate this agreement for any reason, sections 2, 3, 4, and 5 will remain in effect forever. Also, if a judge rules or the law states that I can't enforce any part of this agreement, you agree that the other parts remain in effect.
  6. If you continue to use Piecewise after this agreement has been amended or changed, it signifies your acceptance of the changes. I’ll try to keep changes to this agreement at a minimum, but I reserve the right to make changes to this agreement at any time, for any reason, and without notifying you.

Piecewise may contain other software that is licensed differently than Piecewise itself. By using Piecewise, you agree to the terms of these licenses as well. See https://piecewise.im/thirdpartylegalnotices.txt for more information.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this agreement, please feel free to reach out to me at contact at this domain so we can work it out. Thank you for using Piecewise!
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